Home of Johannesburg based, Freelance editor and camera man, Damien Els.

Damien has been in the production industry for over three and half years and has a unique and professional style when it comes to editing and filming. With Final Cut Pro and Motion, as well as Photoshop, Damien has been able to get a great deal of experience in editing and shooting corporate videos, adverts, brand launches, weddings, workshops, music videos, International Fashion shows, to TV shows in Mozambique and Namibia, as well as South Africa.

Damien is a dedicated individual who likes a challenge and is always looking for ways to improve on burnthesky and gain as much experience as possible. Damien’s mission is to make burnthesky into, not just an A list production company, but a brand in itself.

A brand that, you as a potential client will find, is known for its high quality of standards, service, and ability to cope with tight deadlines. There’s a saying that goes, “The sky’s the limit.” Well here at burnthesky, we want to surpass that limit, and we will.